Customer Service 

We’ve been providing customer service for technical problems and maintaining the flexibility to stay on the cutting edge for over 13 years. Reading, research, analysis, and on-the-job training are the tools we have used to hone our skills. We don’t talk down to anyone, we have patience, we also understand that working with our customers is the most productive way to solve a problem and build trust.

notebookComputer Sales

We design and build desktop computers for home and business needs. We feature industry standard hardware, custom wiring, secure and up to date operating systems and drivers, all with expert service and support to back it up. Mobiz also sells notebooks from popular manufacturers like HP, Acer, and Lenovo. Helping people pick out and install a new computer is what we’re here for. Meeting our customers’ needs on performance, price, size, and time frame has helped us build working relationships with some truly great people.

Mobile Device Repair

Mobiz techs repair Apple, Android, and many other popular tablets and phones on a daily basis. We can replace cracked screens or help you customize your device to fit your needs. If you’re new to the touchscreen world, we also offer training . Personalized help at a competitive price allows us to deliver solutions for new technologies week in and week out.


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