About Us

Mobiz provides expert on site service in computer networking and repair, installation and maintenance. We dispatch knowledgeable, well qualified service technicians to homes and businesses across West Central Minnesota. Our experts get the job done right so you can stay connected and focused on what you do best.

We also maintain a reputable repair shop and cozy office in Morris MN. Our shop is configured to handle repairs on server, desktops and laptops. Our workbenches have seen it all we place our stamp of approval on finished projects. If replacement parts are needed, that’s OK we have complete systems, parts, cables, printers, ink, toner and more.

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Tucker McCannon


Title: Owner

Personal Bio: From Morris- attended MAHS, St. Johns, and UMM, currently lives in Morris with his two sons Owen and Kellen. He loves fishing, hunting, reading, and spending time with his family.

MOBIZ Bio: Tucker began repairing and building computers on his own in 1997. Tucker officially formed MOBIZ Computers in 2004 and has been growing the business steadily since then. He is an all-around technology expert with a “black belt” in computer networking. If you have a computer problem, he will happily find the solution and explain things in a way that even the “technologically challenged” can understand.



Roger McCannon

Roger McCannon


Title: Office Manager

Personal Bio: Retired from UMM in 2004 where he was the Director of Continuing Education and the Center for Small Towns. Served in various organizations dedicated to promoting community growth and spent two terms on the Morris Area School Board.

MOBIZ Bio: As the Office Manager, Roger handles the financial records and keeps our “paperwork” up to date.  He also makes and keeps tabs on appointments and helps manage the ink and toner department.